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What if you cannot get an invoice?

Sometimes (this is rare), a standard invoice addressed to Inovat cannot be issued directly in store. The reasons can be multiple: unavailability of qualified staff to edit an invoice, specific procedures to follow (such as emailing the invoice), refusal by the store, etc...

In this case, please proceed as follows:

Request one of the following 2 documents:

  • Either an invoice in your name with an address (preferably Inovat or your address outside the EU as indicated in your Inovat profile); or

  • Request to print your name on a purchase or till receipt (and, if possible with the Inovat address).

If neither of the two documents above can be obtained, simply use the purchase receipt provided to you.

Then handwrite on the receipt the following:

  1. “Impossibility/refusal to issue Inovat invoices”.

  2. “Purchased on behalf of Inovat”.

  3. Your first and last name.

  4. The current date.

  5. Your signature.

  • Take a picture of the annotated document and upload it to Inovat.

  • Also upload a proof of payment: a separate payment receipt or a screenshot of your bank account or credit card statement. If this statement is only available a few days or weeks after the purchase, you can send it to us later (this does not prevent the edition and validation of your tax-free forms).

Please note: uploading any of the above “alternative” documents other than a standard invoice addressed to Inovat must remain an exception!

Please follow this same procedure if you receive an invoice in your name for an online purchase (but proof of payment is not needed in this case).

Inovat details for the invoice

🇧🇪 Belgium
Inovat BV
Leonardo Da Vincilaan 19 A bus 8
1831 Diegem

How to request Inovat invoice?


  • Request Inovat invoice in store right before paying for the goods by showing a pop up message in our platform where Inovat details are displayed.

  • Stores have the legal obligation to provide an invoice when requested. Just ask for a ‘domestic invoice with VAT’ (you do not have to provide any justification to request such invoice).

  • Do not ask for a tax-free in store; it may confuse store staff who would automatically start editing their own tax-free form

  • Sometimes you have to fill in the invoice box yourself manually with the company details


  • When you order goods, input “Inovat details for the invoice”

  • Upload the full invoice to the platform

What should be included in the invoice?
  • Identification of the store (name and address)

  • Date

  • Invoice number

  • Description of each item

  • VAT rate and total amount

  • Identification of the buyer (Inovat name, address and VAT)

What are the requirements for the invoice picture?
  • Take a good quality picture of your invoice.

  • All mentions must be clearly readable.

  • All 4 edges of the invoice must be visible.

  • One page = one picture.

When to upload the invoice?
  • As soon as possible.

  • Preferably on the date of the purchase (especially during peak periods such as after Christmas and during the summer holiday).

How to use inovat
How to use Inovat, step by step
  1. Create your profile in the app by adding: passport details, full name, nationality and residential address

  2. Create your trip by adding: trip dates, point of departure and country of destination

  3. When purchasing goods, request an invoice addressed to Inovat

  4. Take a picture of the invoices and upload them to the platform

  5. At the airport/border, present your passport, boarding pass, purchased goods and invoices to the customs officer

  6. Get your refund within 24 hours

Can you use Inovat for online purchases?

Make sure that the invoice is addressed to Inovat, otherwise, we will not be able to accept simple order confirmations.

Do you need to ask for a Tax Free refund in store?


  • If you do that we will not be able to process your VAT refund claim.

  • Simply show the pop up screen on our platform to the shop staff that is requesting an invoice addressed to Inovat. It is a legal obligation for the retailer to issue a business invoice if requested.

  • It is against the legal requirement to claim VAT using two different operators at the same time.

What is the minimum spend amount?

In 🇧🇪 Belgium - €125

Where can you use Inovat?

🇧🇪 Belgium
🇦🇹 Austria and 🇫🇷 France (coming soon)

In any Belgian retail store.

Any online store.

How long does it take to verify uploaded invoices?
  • Verification time depends on the traffic on our platform.

  • It can be as short as a couple of minutes/hours but it can sometimes take longer

  • No worries, we keep your date of departure in sight and will verify your invoices in time.

What to prepare at the border?

You need to show to customs officer your:

  • Passport

  • Boarding pass

  • Inovat invoice

  • Purchased goods

Your refund
How much is the refund?

On average 85% of VAT.
Example: if your combined purchases amount is € 1,500 VAT included, then with 21% VAT rate the VAT is € 250 and you get € 212,50.

  • Our refund is 60% higher compared to the refund of other providers.

How fast is the refund?
  • Usually you will receive it within 24 hours after the customs check.

  • There may be some insignificant delays during peak season.

  • Don’t worry, your refund is guaranteed once you successfully pass customs check at the border.

What do you need to be eligible for the VAT refund?

You must reside outside of the European Union (EU).

  • If your passport is from a non-EU country, no need to upload any other document than your passport (unless requested by us or by Customs).

  • If your passport is from an EU country, you need to show other evidence proving that you reside outside of the EU (such as work permit, residence permit, green card, etc. but these may not always be accepted by сustoms).

What can be purchased tax free?
  • Most goods, as long as you carry them with you in your personal luggage when you leave the EU with exceptions: foods, firearms, explosives, endangered species, drug substances, tobacco products, etc.

  • Services (hotels, restaurant, taxis) do not qualify for tax refunds.

Contact us
How to contact us?

In case of any doubts or questions you can:

  • Drop us a line in our chat support, we are available 24/7

  • Email us to info@inovat.tax

  • Give us a call to: +44 744 701 0007

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